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Drug use is really a serious public health issue that impacts almost all aspects of an individual’s life. Drug addiction damages emotional and physical well being, affect your bank balances, and also destroys your family. No one is immune to drug dependency. It could affect anyone regardless of age, gender, income level, education level, ethnic background or geographical location. As substance abuse is frequently presented in today’s media, most people have an idea of how “illegal drug addicts” look like and how they behave. Whilst the common stereotypical description might match with many drug addicts, most do not. For example, the school teacher or government official who’s totally hooked on prescription drug OxyContin. Or maybe the suburban teen who gets great grades but has got a heroin problem. And there’s the lovely stay-at-home housewife who is addicted to a sedative like Xanax or the lawyer who’s a long time crack cocaine addict. High-functioning people with substance dependencies can be found in all walks of life and many are able to keep it hidden from even their loved ones. For a time.

Is Drug Abuse Ruining Your Life?

The usage of substances may have started as a form of self-medication or recreational, but soon most people wind up hooked after using it for some time. Everybody differs, and specific drugs create addiction or dependency . Signs and symptoms of drug dependence may include:
  • Increased tolerance
  • Physical as well as psychological dependency
  • Favoring doing other tasks. You start out to value substances more than other responsibilities, even those you previously used to take pleasure in
  • Feelings of anxiety or emotional stress when you’re used up, or getting low, on substances
  • Finances become affected as a result of paying excessive amount of money on the substance. You might be delaying paying mortgage payments, paying bills, or having to borrow money to be able to maintain your illegal drug habit
  • Difficulty keeping day-to-day obligations, which includes school or work

These are only a few popular warning signs that reveal the realism of your drug dependence problem. You became aware only after a buddy or family member brought this issue to your immediate attention. This might come as a surprise, or you may end up feeling defensive or offended. It’s a entirely normal reaction. The sooner a person comes to acceptance of this, the quicker recovery will begin.

There is support available to help you overcome the problems you are dealing with. A drug rehab program give you a life-saving alternative that will help you to transform your situations into positive ways and find your life back.

Ways to tackle Substance Addiction

Most drug addicted individuals want to manage by themselves and try to quit independently. They probably will try to use willpower, like “quitting cold turkey”, as well as other ways to stop and will make an effort to control their using. Cold turkey has proven to be too challenging, setting them up for failure. It might be discouraging to keep on attempting to quit or cut down-and be not able to. For many individuals, the only way out is usually through assistance from a substance addiction rehabilitation program.

Substance Rehabilitation Program: Exactly how it can help you?

Residential drug rehabilitation or an inpatient therapy provide you with the opportunity to heal emotionally, physically, and psychologically, from the destructive power of drug abuse.

Fortunately for drug addicts, a substance addiction rehabilitation program can provide them the chance to acquire meaningful recovery from drug addiction. A good number of in-patient rehab treatment centers provide personal counseling, group therapy, and management of other health concerns. These programs will enable you to learn to detect triggers, build coping mechanisms, and get an understanding of the key issues that could have contributed to your substance addiction. These damaging patterns are replaced with constructive patterns that promote faster healing and a lasting recovery. Drugs are tough on the mind and also the body. If you’re being affected by substance abuse and addiction issues, you could find the assistance you need to sustain your sobriety in Drug Rehab programs. Even though there are lots of substance addiction rehab programs available, figuring out the right one for you personally will not be a difficult task when you go to a well-informed source. Drug Rehab Atlantic City could help you in receiving the support you really need. And in case you want to go to drug rehabilitation in a different city or state, they are able to connect you with one outside your location.

Commonly Abused Drugs


Cocaine is really a powerfully habit forming stimulant drug made from the leaves of the coca plant indigenous to South America. It produces a feeling of bliss, exhilaration, boundless energy, and hyperactivity, but will also causes serious side effects on your body and the mind such as a raised pulse rate, increased blood pressure level, tremors and severe paranoia.


Crack cocaine is usually a hard, mineral-like substance with an off-white shade. It’s produced by dissolving cocaine powder in water and after that blending it with baking soda or ammonia. The mix is then heated up and dried out right into a rock-like form that “crackles” if smoked. Crack is often vaporized by heating it in a glass pipe while some people combine into a cigarette to heat it.


Heroin is definitely an opioid prescription drug that is synthesized from morphine, or naturally occurring from a substance extracted from the seed pod of the Asian opium poppy plant. Pure heroin looks like a white, odorless crystalline-like powder and has a bitter taste. The browner the color, the more impurities its content has.”


Methamphetamine (generally known as “meth”, “crystal”, “ice” and “speed”, among other phrases) is a very addictive stimulant drug that is similar to amphetamine. It takes the shape of a white-colored, odorless, bitter tasting crystalline powder.

MDMA / Ecstasy:

Ecstasy is a widely accessible “rave” or “party” drug and is really popular among young adults. The availability of this particular drug doesn’t always make it safe. Not only can deadly toxins be blended with the street drug, but it can be very habit-forming. It may deplete the brain’s store of serotonin, meaning that people often have a lack of energy and depression for several days after using the substance. Repeated use can result in loss of intellectual function, severe depression as well as other mental impairments. At Drug Rehab Atlantic City, affected individuals can detoxify from ecstasy use in a safe and sane environment and we’ll help out with restoring serotonin production and also address several important recovery-related concerns.


In excess of 1,000 house-hold and other common products could be abused as inhalants. Products such as shoe polish, toluene, lighter fluid, glue, spray paint, cleaning fluid and correction fluid contain volatile organic chemicals that produce psychoactive effects whenever inhaled. Typically, people don’t think of these products as illegal drugs since they were never designed to induce intoxicating effects. On the other hand, these products are sometimes abused in that way. These are the only class of drugs that happen to be misused more by youngsters and adolescents than by grown-ups.


Ketamine is typically used as a veterinary tranquilizer. A dependency to ketamine is very difficult to overcome without help. Even if you wish to stop using it, the substance causes major changes in brain function that make it almost impossible to quit. As soon as an individual progresses to an addicted state, they spend their days experiencing completely detached from their surroundings, and become incapable of leading a normal, productive life. They will also cause cognitive disability, which includes reductions in vigilance, verbal fluency, and memory.

Other Chemicals:

Several other sorts of street drugs are out there. Quite a few are stimulants, a few are dissociatives and other drugs are psychedelic in nature. Their danger not only lies in the addiction, but also the way the various drugs react toxically to the body. To earn a quick money in the market, dealers combine the substance with a variety of adulterants that could be almost as dangerous as the drug itself. They are frequently mixed, and cut with harmful toxins.
  • Bath salts
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Ketamine
  • GHB


Hallucinogens are a diverse collection of drugs that can alter perception (consciousness of surrounding objects and scenarios), thoughts, and feelings. They induce hallucinations, or thoughts and images that seem real though they are certainly not. Hallucinogens are found in certain plants and mushrooms (or even their extracts) or can be man-made. Individuals have used hallucinogens for thousands of years, largely for religious rites. Although not inherently habit forming in themselves, people experimenting with these powerful drugs might find ordinary life very difficult afterward and need counselling and a mental health assessment.Popular hallucinogens include the following:

  • LSD/Acid
  • D-lysergic Acid
  • Psilocybin mushrooms
  • Ayahuasca Tea
  • Mescaline and Peyote
  • DMT
  • Salvia divinorum

Dealing with a Substance Addiction

It is not easy at all to conquer the dependence on any of the above mentioned substances. Having said that, help and resources are there for substance addicts in treatment and recovery. Know more about how to overcome your drug dependency right now.


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